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Brucolac Belfry
Guilds of Influence: The University of Veles

Dryfall Quarter is one of the safest places in the city. But like all peace in Ravnica it rests on the edge of a knife. The Brucolac Belfry, a huge clock- and bell-tower in the center of the district, houses one of the great terrors of the last war. Too powerful to destroy but too treacherous to let free, the Belfry is Ravnica’s vampire ghetto. The people of Dryfall must pay a blood tithe to the Brucolacs and in return live under their protection.
Brucolac Belfry

Vincislav Bridge and Sweet Milk Lake
Guilds of Influence: (Nicole)

Named for its milky, murky color, Sweet Milk Lake is home to green salamanders. Green salamanders are man-sized elementals shrouded in a mist that crackles like fire around them. They rarely leave the lake as they say the spirits of Ravnica hunt them. Of course, Vincislav Bridge is notably haunted.
The Bridge

Tas, the Roof of the World
Guilds of Influence: Mokosh Circle, Wings of Malaakh, Liska Zpravy

Tas is a neighbor hood carved into what used to be the tallest Mountain on the Plane of Ravnica. It is still the highest point on the plane, visible from far far away. It is the central hub for all air travel on Ravnica.

The Mines of Avaneem
Guilds of Influence: (Aric, great influence)

The mines of Avaneem produce 90% of the “Magic Quality” gems on Ravnica. Many legends and superstitions surround it’s strange production capability, including the belief that it is the final resting place of Ravnica’s Gaea-Deity. These superstitions were only compounded during it’s operation by unstable and unpredictable seismic conditions, many strange and unique subterranean fauna, and a high pile of unexplained accidents. Ravnica’s intellectual community blame all of these things and its rare exports on a deep and strong mana vein flowing beneath. All known entry to the mine has been lost since the the end of the Guild war. Some blame strong magics, other’s wurms and great war beasts. Some, however, suggest it has moved.

Roo’akh, the Windwife
Guilds of Influence: Mokosh Circle, Wings of Malaakh

Roo’akh is a primordial elemental of a docile and private nature. With the appearance of a strange, jellyfishlike being, it’s thoughts and motivations are it’s own. Stopping occasionally for reasons unknowable, it has traveled the plane endlessly moved only by the wind. It does not seem to mind passengers however. Over time, a whole neighborhood of merchants, a traveling bazaar if you will, has set up shop within Roo’akh’s cavernous interior.

Guilds of Influence: (Amanda, great influence), (Nicole)

Tantanha is a traveling and traceable phenomenon of walls. Blocking of streets, fortifying buildings, and changing Ravnica’s already chaotic layout, it blows across the surface of the plane as silently as a phantom wind, but as solid and real as the stone they are. About as predictable as the weather, it is treated as an equal nuisance, and has had occasional tactical impact to match.

Zheski Rai, the Clockwork Park
Guilds of Influence: (Amanda)

A 100 acre theme park made of clockwork!

Zorya Court
Guilds of Influence: (Aric), Mokosh Circle

A wide courtyard featuring a 300-foot tall statue of a woman warrior lancing a Simargl, a beast that is both wolf and griffin.

Mokoshian Lights
Guilds of Influence: (Amanda)

A neighborhood that has three rainbows in its sky every day and bright auroras every night.

Pool of Veles
Guilds of Influence: Water and Power (Great Influence), The University of Veles

A huge hole in Ravnica where a meteor fell. From the hole, black, oily water spills out.

Stari Ras Bazaar
Guilds of Influence: The University of Veles, Wings of Malaakh

A floating market that appears every night in a different location over Ravnica. It specializes in reagents with an affinity for black mana.

The Mages’ Shortcut
Guilds of Influence: Wings of Malaakh, (Amanda), Water and Power, Liska Zpravy

An underground network of staircases which connects to dead-ends, catacombs, sewers and a couple prominent businesses of a few of the guilds. Only 140 staircases are accounted for and many remain uncharted.

Tree Seasons
Guilds of Influence: Mokosh Circle, (Nicole)

A 1,000 room hotel made from the crystallized shell of an ancient tree. Mages have enchanted the old roots and veins of the tree to supply heat, light and electricity to all the rooms. Due to its novelty, being a regular resident is a sign of status among Ravnica’s wealthy.

Zlin Zalar, Mages’ Constraint
Guilds of Influence: The University of Veles, (Amanda)

A prison/sanitarium for the magically deranged or otherwise unjailable. Each cell is carefully tailored to suppress its inhabitant.

Sklo Catedrala
Guilds of Influence: (The University of Veles, great influence)

A crystal cavern that serves as a holy site for a religious druidic group. The interior looks like this: Sklo Catedrala

A cathedral has been built around the interior of the cavern, so entering into the cave is effectively like entering into a church. And it’s huge inside. But entrance to the cavern is controlled by a temple guard, as the site is believed to be a great source of magic and power. The shards themselves are infused with deep magic and are harvested for various uses and the interior itself emanates magic so ceremonies performed inside are stronger than if they were performed out in the world. Only those who are inducted into the group are permitted to see and utilize the interior.

Podzemi Transit
Guilds of Influence: Wings of Malaakh, Liska Zpravy

An extremely busy underground canal system that serves as public transit.

Bogrin Rot Farms
Guilds of Influence: (Nicole)

A subspecies of goblin harvests rare molds and fungi in the sewers of the undercity.

Voice of Stone Temple
Guilds of Influence: Liska Zpravy (Great Influence)

A small cult that petrifies themselves in order to transubstantiate themselves.

Hurda Fields
Guilds of Influence: Water and Power

Enslaved giants, barely cognizant, often used for labor, intimidation and war.

The Bottomless Pit of Zenezescu
Guilds of Influence:

An impossibly deep pit that defies any understanding but worship. A cult lives around it, sacrificing worshipers or the unwary by tossing them down the pit.

20,000 Rhinos
Guilds of Influence: (Aric, great influence)

An unstoppable herd whose migration brings sure destruction. Parasitized by a tribe of unruly goblins who say they control the herd. By goblin standards I’m sure they do.

Guilds of Influence: (Nicole, great influence)

A magic-absorbing mineral that can only be mined at fantastic cost of resources and lives. The only known mine is deep within a 60,000 foot tall mountain neighborhood.

The Airship Project
Guilds of Influence: Wings of Malaakh, Mokosh Circle

The Explorer’s League created a dimension-traveling airship and launched it into a rift. Immediately, out from the rift popped a similar but different airship containing similar but different (but functionally the same) people.

The City Dump
Guilds of Influence: Water and Power (Great Influence)

A three-tiered recycling center and nuclear furnace.

Tof’s Wooden Nickel
Guilds of Influence: (Aric), Mokosh Circle

A popular pub run by an hard-nosed lady and her minotaur husband.

Viriconium, Magistrate’s Tower
Guilds of Influence: Kings of Calka Dum (Great Influence)

This tower is the central training facility for the magistrates of Ravnica. Magistrates hold the highest authority in Ravnica outside of the guilds and travel in circuits throughout the city. Magistrates are tasked with keeping order in the city by any means necessary. Not law – law varies district by district and the magistrates are required to know them all – but true order. When they hold court they are required to weigh the local law heavily, but their primary duty is unflinching execution of the good of the many.

Ravnica Namesti
Guilds of Influence:

This is the primary gathering place for all of the guilds to discuss, politic and backstab each other. Weapons and magic are almost universally forbidden by the giant insect-golems that patrol the square.

The Agencies

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