Water and Power

Ravnica Water and Power Corporation


Ravnica Water and Power Corporation provides power, running water and waste disposal for an entire world. It is wholly owned and operated by the Murdock family. In a city world run by guilds, all public goods are privatized. Over the years (and during the guild wars) RWP have taken ownership of all public utilities on Ravnica.

In ancient times The Murdock family raised simple giant Hurda in a remote region of the city. The original Patriarch, Jerome Reginald Murdock was driving a pack of Hurda to market when he happened upon a spring of a bubbling black liquid in a long abandoned ruin. The ever-curious J.R. approached the liquid thinking he might have found an extremely valuable water well. As he neared the oozing black fluid he could hear a whisper in his mind: “Burn it all”

Without thinking J.R. set his torch to the growing black puddle and it caught aflame in a great conflagration. The flames took the shape of a lizard skull over two stories tall. It spoke to him, “The Spirits of the Deep seek to destroy this world and you shall be our instrument!”. J.R. gasped in astonishment and fear as the flames swirled around him and absorbed into his body.

When J.R. awoke he was soaked in the foul smelling liquid from the spring. He could feel another presence in his mind. “We must teach you many secrets now.” whispered a croaking voice, “We will teach you to tap into great power and all we ask is that you use it.”

Fast forward many years and one Guild War and J.R. is still alive though now he has become a powerful sorcerer through the teachings of the Old Gods. He runs a global corporation that consumes unimaginable resources in an effort to keep every citizen on Ravnica comfortable. Everyone’s trash is collected for free. Every home has running water and access to electrical power to run whatever devices they desire for only a nominal monthly fee. They also set up street lights for every road as a public service. Through the Liska Zpravy they also print the most popular book in Ravnica, Fox’s Old World Almanac. The almanac not only tracks all the lunar and solar phases each month, It offers a number of editorials from their popular research team that mostly concern Ravnica politics.

This miracle of modernization is accomplished by the consumption of the plentiful “Black Gold” that is the liquefied remains of the plant and animal life that died when the once natural world of Ravnica was paved over into a great city world. The resulting sludge burns very hot for a very long time and that heat is used to run steamworks in great underground caves all over Ravnica. The steamworks are used to run the Power Machines that create electrical power.

For the most part the RWP Corporation has been a respectful and helpful member of Ravnica society. The only problem is that something has obviously started to corrupt the Dwarves that run the organization. Rumors of dark sorcery within the guild are commonly heard. There are stories of drill sites using armies of zombies for manual labor, never mind the morally reprehensible practice of keeping Hurda as beasts of burden (basically slaves)

Publicly, the CEO, J.R. Murdock is known to have lived for as long as anyone can remember. He has made no attempt to conceal his immortality, attributing it to “miracles of science”.

Secretly, J.R. Murdock’s soul is almost entirely subsumed by the Elder God, Mustakrakish. It is Mustakrakish that built the power machines to burn the Black Gold. It is he that raises the zombie workers when the living workers die from exhaustion and starvation. It is he that manipulates public opinion through control of the printed word. Mustakrakish discovered the process for the Reduction of refuse to the Critical Mass. Mustakrakish is the one who devours the living souls of children to keep the rotting vessel he inhabits alive enough to execute his will.

The wells are getting harder to find now. That is the first sign. The Black Gold is the concentrated life force of the planet itself. It holds great power but consume too much and the world dies in a great explosion. That is Mustakrakish’s ultimate goal, freedom from his ancient prison so that he can once again wander the cosmos and consume worlds.

Water and Power

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