Voice of Stone Temple

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An ancient temple dedicated to the petrified statue of Gregor Nox, a self proclaimed prophet who
attempted to eradicate a coven of gorgons only to be petrified during his victory. His followers found that his now immortal stone form could still speak, and thus impart his teachings on Ravnica; a new belief structure of worshipping the city itself sprung from the voice of stones newest revelations. From the temple of the voice of stone an order of monks, the stone speakers, have begun exerting their influence upon the city. Following in the steps of their prophet they capture gorgons and allow them to partially petrify their bodies as to become closer to their prophet and the city itself.

Flowstone Monks are hired by Liska Zpravy to act as Archivists in Section 6 and as Town Criers, whispering the latest rumors into the ears of those whom would trade their greatest secrets.
Liska Zpravy has learned some of the cities greatest secrets by being attentive to the words of Gregor Nox.

Voice of Stone Temple

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