The Triumvirate Unyon

The Triumvirate Unyon is easily the most fractured and youngest of the Ravnican guilds. At the beginning of the guild war The Triumvirate was a loose amalgamation of minotaur and rhox laborers, goblin street gangs, and elven war refugees who had tired of the constant destruction and tyranny of the guilds during what seemed to be an endless war. Three groups emerged from the streets of Ravnica to oppose the guilds:

The Union

The minotaur and rhox laborers went on strike at the beginning of the guild war, tired of seeing their hard work demolished week after week. This strike didn’t go over to well with the guilds who had hired them and after the first great purge of the rhox ghetto, The Union was formed. The founding intention of the union was to work as a united, protected, and safe place for skilled laborers to voice their opinions and find work. This original intent was quickly forgotten as The Union realized exactly what a united force of minotaurs and rhox could do.
The Union became vigilante military force, breaking the knees, faces, and homes of those who wronged union members. Their numbers quickly swelled and the horde of angry bulls and rhinos began to raid armories and guild houses in force. Soon they began to fight back against the guilds in open warfare, setting the foundation for the Triumvirate. The Union acts as the arms and army of the Triumvirate.

The Confederation

Under the iron fist of Akim Slobad, The Last King of Low Town, an agreement was struck between the 13 goblin families (Ben-Ben, Half-heart, Ishi-Ishi, Kiki-Jiki, Slobad, Squee, Tok-Tok, Tuk-Tuk, Wort, Woort, Zo-Zu, Akki, and Bogart) that there would be one boss to rule all other bosses that would stand against those who would seek to impose justice on goblin-kind. In the underworld this compact became known as The Confederation.
Every year the bosses would preform the Backbreaker, a ceremony where the head of each goblin family would bend the knee insure the continued rule of Akim. This ceremony quickly dissolves into a great display of goblin skulduggery as each family attempts to assassinate Akim before bending the knee. To this day Akim has successively defended his throne, having killed hundreds of would-be assassins, and each year, every family bends the knee. The Confederation works as the saboteurs and assassins of the Triumvirate.

The Blood of Ishay

The blood-braid tribe of elves once sheltered itself safely throughout Ravnica, providing a lens into old Ravnica with their shamanistic magic and tales of a world before stone and mortar dominated the skyline. As the guild war took its toll upon Ravnica the blood-braid found themselves out of a home and their numbers greatly diminished. The nomadic exodus of the blood-braid took them to every corner of the megalopolis, never staying in any district for to long, always looking to the horizon for the black cloud that pursued them no matter how far they fled.
One day, a young elf shaman named Ishay refused to flee as the rest of his tribe packed for the next days travel. He spoke of standing his ground, standing against the darkness that pursued them, of taking back Ravnica for those who could not defend themselves from the machinations of the guilds. Most of the blood-braid fled, but many stayed to watch Ishay’s defiance, yet were to frightened to stand by him. Little is known of what transpired that day other than that Ishay was butchered by beasts of steel of smoke, and those who watched were changed forever.
The next day a massive fireball engulfed a magistrate’s victory parade, killing hundreds and eradicating a city block as unchained elementals rampaged through the street. This act was claimed to be the first act of terror by an organization calling itself the Blood of Ishay. Throughout the guild war the acts of brutality committed by the Blood of Ishay would become infamous and synonymous with the formation of the Triumvirate. The Blood of Ishay functions as the terror and shock troops of the Triumvirate.

The Triumvirate

As these three disparate factions grew and gained footholds against the guilds an alliance was struck. The Union’s Foreman Yona Gorrin, The Confederations King Akim Slobad, and The Blood of Ishay’s Warlord Vosh Blood-Braid each drew blood and signed The Compact, creating The Triumvirate Unyon. With their combined forces and resources The Triumvirate forced themselves into the guild war and routed their enemies battle after battle through bloody assassination, horrific terrorism, and vicious battlefield brutality.
The Triumvirate’s war effort doubled when The Confederation collapsed all known entrances into the Mines of Avaneem and established a monopoly on the pure mana crystals extracted from the mines. Now armed with vast reserves of primal magic and legions of martial adept minotaurs, elves, and goblins The Triumvirate was prepared to stake its claim as the new lords of Ravnica. The other guilds quickly realized that The Triumvirate had no intention of stopping at winning battles, they intended to destroy each guild down to the last brick of every guild house. Through these means The Triumvirate forced themselves into existence as a guild (the irony of becoming a guild was not lost on many members of The Triumvirate and many remain embittered at this fact) and became a driving force behind the establishment of the Guildpact.

Why The Triumvirate chose to sign the Guildpact seemingly at the eve of their victory is still a matter of great discussion among both guild members and many Ravnicans. Now The Triumvirate acts as an alliance of workers, criminals, vigilantes, and freedom fighters. Many wish to go back to their lives of labor and peace, yet most wish to return to an age of war where each slight can be avenged in blood.

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The Triumvirate Unyon

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