The Plan

Here’s the plan as detailed as I know right now:

Step one: You, the players, will read the background info and create 3-5 locations that will exist in our Ravnica. “Locations” is just a super broad term; you can make pretty much whatever you want. I assume most of the things you make will be organizations or locations instead of NPCs, for example. NPCs aren’t really a good idea because of the large expanse of time we (probably) will be covering and most NPCs tend to die after a comparatively brief time. Feel free to make an NPC that’s also a location, like a wandering cloud-whale that has a group of libertarian weather wizards on it, or something. Don’t be afraid to be mundane either.

Step two: We hang out on Sunday. We determine a draft order and draft color combos in that order and symbols in reverse order. (The color combos are the ten possible combinations of the five colors of Magic. More info here: The symbols are the ten guild symbols used in the Ravnica world of Magic, but if you don’t know them already, don’t worry!)

Step three: Still on Sunday, you start concepting your guilds based on your color combo and symbol and your vast imagination. I’ll also put some prompts up to inspire you, if you need it. After about an hour, we’ll use the backgrounds to help define the guild’s relationships and influences. I am not disclosing how we’ll do this yet.

Step four: Sometime between this Sunday and the Sunday two weeks later, you will finish your guild and post it to this website. Feel free to do pretty much whatever you want here: you can use pictures, parables, poetry, porn, whatever. Does Obsidian Portal allow porn?

Step five: Figure out if Obsidian Portal allows porn.

Step six: Get together on the second Sunday, with your guilds finished. We will play a hacked version of Microscope wherein you will represent your guild in the history of Ravnica. I will give you a prompt and you will, on the spot, envision an event or small series of events, write them down on a 3×5 and put them somewhere in our history. This is easier to explain in person but it really isn’t hard to grasp, I hope. The gist is you get to decide how your guild affects the fate of the world, or how the world affects the fate your guild as the case may be.

Step seven: We have a table in front of us with about a million 3×5 cards. I take those, number them so I don’t fuck it up, and write on this site the collated History of Ravnica As Told By The Most Biased People Ever. This will take me 6-8 business weeks, I’m sure.

The Plan

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