The Mages' Shortcut

The Agencies

An underground network of staircases which connects to dead-ends, catacombs, sewers and a couple prominent businesses of a few of the guilds. Only 140 staircases are accounted for and an unknown number remain uncharted.

The Mages’ Shortcut is an invaluable resource for the Wings of Malaakh. Every door that’s found to go somewhere useful could cut days or weeks off of a given travel route. Keeping messages out of the nosy surface streets is a boon as well. And whats more, the exploration never seems to end, and the dangers at hand are always new and surprising. Volunteering for the survey teams of the Mages’ Shortcut is a sign of bravery, adventure, foolishness, and nigh on madness.

All of those traits are needed doubly so, since the Mages’ Shortcut is venue to a guerrilla conflict with Water & Power. Their destructive mining operations destroy valuable trade routes and are wasteful. Not to mention: fuck those guys. Abiding the words the the Guildpact, conflict is had.

Liska Zpravy spies use the Mages’ Shortcut to move quickly around the city. Section 6 of Liska Zpravy’s Department of Archival Services is located in a large underground haven deep within the plane of Ravnica, and only reachable by use of the Mages’ Shortcut, as such Liska Zpravy has the best maps and sells their charts to the Wings of Malaakh.

Water and Power uses the Mages Shortcut to explore the inter-dimensional depths of Ravnica. Dwarf Prospectors are often seen in the stairways using magical divination to locate pools of Black Gold swishing around inside the planet. When they do find one a drilling operation is immediately launched and much of the surrounding stairway is destroyed much to the dismay of other Guilds. Guilds that complain or resist these efforts often suffer power rationing due to the “limited power” available.

The Mages' Shortcut

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