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Once, it is theorized, Ravnica was world like any other, with deserts, mountains, forests, oceans and all the natural things a world has. If it ever was, that world is long gone. The ambitions of the people of Ravnica tamed their home completely. They paved over all the deserts, bridged the oceans, leveled volcanoes. Now Ravnica is completely covered in the components of one enormous city.

Flagstones, cobblestones, tiles and all other sorts of pavement sheath the world’s surface. Rarely, there are areas where the cobblestones are cracked and nature pushes through. More often, the natural world is made artificial: trees are integrated into architecture, making a real urban jungle, and constantly recycled soil is pasted onto rooftops to make farms.

The architecture of Ravnica fits its nature. It is vast. There are flying buttresses that allow stone buildings to go up hundreds of feet high. There are tenement hives that go on for almost a mile. Everyone of note competes to create the highest spire.

The Ecumenopolis

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