The Constituency

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As a unified world-city, Ravnica is extraordinarily cosmopolitan. Before settlement it was a fantasy world filled with usual and unusual fantasy paraphernalia, like dryads, manticores, magical bric-a-brac and prophecies. Now, though maybe a few of those features and species have become extinct most have adapted and remade themselves for a civilized world.

That doesn’t mean there is a place for every Ravnican. Large, world-spanning organizations have flourished across Ravnica and they tend to be as clannish and bull-headed as the average Ravnican. Most people find a community they can find a place in and then embrace that community’s philosophy with gusto. This makes many folks brash and opinionated and if you don’t fit in, you better watch out. This isn’t to say Ravnicans are unwelcoming or even inhospitable, it just means that proclaiming your roots and representz is an almost holy pastime. But if you don’t or can’t agree it’s expected that you make your peace or move along.

It does mean that conflict is inevitable. On Ravnica war can be overt or covert, military, commercial, spiritual, or cultural. Destruction often isn’t the goal, instead philosophy has been the casus belli for violent power grabs and resource thefts. It’s far more valuable to take your enemies infrastructure for your own than to destroy it, of course!

The Constituency

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