The City Dump

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Garbage collects quickly in a world of cities, and waste management falls on the
shoulders of a conglomerate of Dwarves from the Water and Power Corporation. They’ve rather perfected the method into a three-tiered system.

The first tier, Recirculation, consists of a series of markets at which gently-used articles
are sold at steep discounts. Though ostensibly intended as a resource for low-income
individuals, these markets are also extremely popular with young, artistic citizens of Ravnica. The second tier, Reintegration, is a repository for basic materials such as stone, scrap metal, and unconsumed magical elements, which can be purchased in bulk. The third tier, Reduction,
catches anything not suitable for the former categories. A specialized group of Dwarves compress
detritus into smaller and smaller parcels—you’d be surprised just how squishy matter is.

Naturally, garbage at the center of these nodes is heated to incredible temperatures, which
provides a rudimentary power source (indeed, what is more rudimentary than a nuclear furnace)
for various special projects. This final step is somewhat controversial, as some wizards
speculate that matter can only be compressed so far before a so-called “critical mass” is
achieved, and they’re just not sure what will happen but it gives them the shivers.

The Dwarves that run the “Power” in the Water and Power Corporation make a tidy profit off this secondary garbage market. Their experiment in Nuclear Power is largely allowed to continue unabated. J.R. Murdock himself regularly visits the furnace and encourages their progress.

The City Dump

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