The Airship Project

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The Esteemed Ravnican Explorers’ League spent untold fortunes building a grand airship
designed for inter-dimensional travel for the purposes of “discovery and prospection of alternate
planes.” The gala surrounding its maiden voyage was billed as the social event of the epoch, but
response was mixed among persons of consequence in Ravnica. To everyone’s surprise (except
those with a cursory understanding of multi-verse theory), at the instant the EREL’s airship
entered the rift, a noticeably different and slightly primitive airship exploded into existence in its place.

Using their shares in the original expedition as both Shipwrights and Financial backers, and taking into account devaluation of the newly materialized airship, factoring costs associated with the accommodation, naturalization, and training of the displaced planar airmen, and referencing some contracts we’d be happy to show you (although they were made with airmen currently unavailable due to inter-planar travel), the Wings of Malaakh took sole ownership of the actual airship in question. Many people had opinions on this move. None of those opinions ended up mattering. The airship is currently being captained by the Hand of Evilcorp.

The Airship Project

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