Tas, the Roof of the World

The Agencies

Guilds of Influence: (Matt), Wings of Malaakh

Tas is a neighbor hood carved into what used to be the tallest Mountain on the Plane of Ravnica. It is still the highest point on the plane, visible (somehow) from almost anywhere else on the plane.

It is the central hub for all air travel on Ravnica, and as such, has great importance to the Wings of Malaakh. One of their only permanent installations, they provide Port Authority for all of the air docks on Tas. Of course, this also means that cargo and people being moved in and out of Tas are subject to the scrutiny of Malaakh and it’s chaplains.

Liska Zpravy’s Central Guildhall is located at the very top of Tas. The Department of Investigation often uses the ports of Tas to jump on Malaakh trade ships and many journalists can be found in taverns littering the ports.

Tas, the Roof of the World

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