Svenkhar Bulnica

Here at Svenkhar Bulnica, patients gain access to the best alchemy, procured and perfected around Ravnica for thousands of years. The Bulnica houses a multi-specialty, one-stop shop for your health. Guild members of Svenkhar believe in good health in life and death through alchemy—and nothing is the epitome of good health and beauty, than a pure, clean skeleton.

Contribution to Ravnica:
Svenkhar offers medicine to extend the health and life of its patrons. In exchange, patrons must forfeit their body upon death and their skeleton becomes the property of Svenkhar Bulnica. The alchemists treat skeletons and bones as the most precious and beautiful substance on the plane. The medicines come from minerals and ingredients mined from deepest, most dangerous caverns of Ravnica, mostly from the Bogrin Rot Farms and the Orichaleum. The Svenkhar alchemists turn these ingredients into their medicines.

Relationship to the Poor
A tense relationship binds the working poor to the the alchemists of the Bulnica. The guild cannot exist without the materials mined from the dangerous caverns which serve as the ingredients for their medicines. The guild leader and mages would not have survived the war if it weren’t for the involvement of the undead working class. For their service in the war, the bottom level of the Bulnica is used to treat the undead working class with medicines and treatment to keep them working.

Relationship to the Rich
Rich patrons looking to extend their lifetime come to Svenkar for the best care and also purchase skeleton workers and servants as a sign of status. Skeleton servants cost much more upfront than living slaves but make up for the cost by not having to eat, sleep or drink.

Fallout from the Guild War
In order to survive the large guild war of Ravnica, the first seven alchemists worked with the overflow of rambling zombies and used state-of-the-art medicine to make an army of undead soldiers more competent and resilient than their previous counterparts. The only surviving alchemist of the seven saw the remains and devastation from the war. He found each of his dead comrades their flesh burnt from their bodies, leaving exposed bones. He was moved by the beauty of the stark white skeleton against the gore. He stripped himself of flesh to honor and became the first Svenkhar skeleton and guild leader, Sevik the Pure.

Relations with Other Guilds:

*R/B: Not much of an opposition here. Svenkhar is very open with their operations. Often pay for secrets shared between doctors and patients to run as their stories.

*R/B: Svenkhar sells large amounts of workers to this guild to work in their boilers and horrid working conditions. Many accidents occur of the job which go beyond the Svenkhar’s healing magic and medicine, which result in an “unfortunate” number of remains.

*G/W: Svenkhar have become involved with trading and selling souls from the corpses collected from their life insurance contracts, as ammunition for this guild.

Obsessed with beauty and perfection, Svenkhar Bulnica would happily see the plane turned into skeletons.

Sevik the Pure: Guild Leader:
Sevik was one of the seven alchemists that banded together at the start of the guild war. His true name is not common knowledge as he took the title, Sevik the Pure when he renounced his flesh and became the first Svenkhar skeleton. The first of his skeletal followers were dead from the battlefield where he found his colleagues and the enchanted zombies that fought in the guild war. Since then, Sevik guild members have found being undead allows for more freedom and usefulness and they wish to share that philosophy with the other guilds.

To keep his influence and personality, Sevik kept his spirit bound to his bones and as a result, his skeleton is always surrounded by a cloudy wisp. (picture coming soon)

Umtek the Bone Sculptor:
Many artisans and sculptors set up shop in Svenkhar to offer decorations and personalization for skeletons. Umtek however is no ordinary artisan—he specializes in reanimating his works of art for wealthy patrons of Ravnica. Rumors have spread of Umtek’s involvement with building an army of his creations for the Svenkhar army. Sevik contracted Umtek to create large, creatures to be used in time of war.

Guild Mage (the average person)

Art Splash:
17 485 max

Svenkhar Bulnica

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