Stari Ras Bazaar

The Agencies

A floating market that appears every night in a different location over Ravnica. It’s movements are mysterious, it’s vendors more so. It specializes in reagents with an affinity for black mana, mysterious odds and ends of unknown origins, the strange, and most importantly the questionably moral or legal.

If there is trade to be made, and profit to be had, the Malaakh is there. As the market cannot be tracked from day to day, their ships are also one of the only reliable ways to get goods to and from the market. And besides, questionable goods just means high prices for transport.

But there are other reasons for the Malaakh to keep their hands in this pie. Dark magic always traces back to dark places, and dark people. Intelligence is usually easy for merchants to come by. Less so for inquisitors. Good thing we’ve got both. Many a name dropped in the market can expect a visit from the Wings of Malaakh. Make sure your magic and your goods stay on the grey side of black, or at least a bit lighter than a trading partner you could give up.

Stari Ras Bazaar

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