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Here are some questions to get your ball rolling as you find your place in Ravnica. You don’t have to answer all these questions, the goal is to inspire specific thoughts about your guild and its relationship to the world.

Here are the most open-ended questions for you to answer, that you will probably flesh out as you go. These are the questions you’ll ultimately spend most of your time answering whether you know it or not. I’m posting these first even though they’re the ones you’ll probably answer fully last.

What is your guild’s primary goal? What are its means to achieve that goal?

What drives your guild? What are its positive drives and negative drives?

Who are your friends and enemies?

What are your guild’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?


As for specific questions, I’ll start with some juicy, leading descriptions and then run out of steam and just post lists of questions.

Here’s the big, broad stuff: How long has your guild been around? How is your guild organized? How did your guild fight in the war? Who did you fight and what did you fight for? What is your greatest challenge now, in rebuilding?

These are the first and biggest questions to answer about your guild. It will help identify you if you pick an organizational term to define your guild, even if your guild is much bigger or more complicated than that. For example, the Azorius Cult is much different than the Azorius Monastery, and the Orzhov Synthesis is much different than the Orzhov Mob.

This will also help you figure out your guild’s place in Ravnica. If your guild is a Trust it’s probably very wealthy and good at deal-making, organization and acquiring resources. If it’s a League its power structure is probably more diffuse and organized on way different lines, likely cells of similarly trained or educated individuals intent on a single task. Create a strong role for your guild, one that defines its relationship to the civilization. Do they create laws or enforce them? Do they protect the poor or overlooked? Do they drive forward culture, trade or (magical) technology? Do they farm or find water, two very important roles on a planet covered in cobblestones? The needs of the city are diverse, from the most basic to the most esoteric. Your guild must supply at least one of those needs.

In the war, your guild most likely had allies and definitely had enemies. After the signing of the Guildpact, peace reigns but no one is quite ready to turn ALL their swords to plowshares. Where is your military outfit now? Did you rely on your allies to defend you? Your friends in war may not be your friends in peace. Can you still supply them with something they need? In politics, the truest indicator of trust is need.

And what if it is your former enemies who have all the things you need? Can you work with them? It is time to build, but do you have the resources to at least restore what has been destroyed? How much of your holdings, traditions and knowledge have been lost? Any guild that has mages specialized in magics of order and memory, geomancy and geo-empathy, architectural geometry and so forth might have a leg up. Or you could have a very forward-thinking guild who has already found new solutions to old issues!

Also think about your guild’s philosophy and attitudes, especially toward other guilds. All the above decisions should feed into this, but the most important decision here is figuring out how much your guild changed in the war and how it is most likely going to move itself forward in the time of the Guildpact.



History: How long has your guild been around? Did it arise from the recent war or has it been around since before Ravnica was completely settled? What is your guild’s recent history, i.e., what did it fight for in the war? How did it fight? Who did it fight? How is it adapting to peace?

Major Beliefs: What are the strongest convictions almost everyone in your guild cleaves to? This doesn’t have to be a huge essay on your guild’s views and in fact might be better expressed by a few sentences. For example: “life must be preserved at all cost”, “morality is for the weak”, “joy is the only truth”, “evil is everywhere and vigilance the utmost necessity.”

Organization: How is your guild structured? Who are the most important members of your guild? Who is the average member of your guild? Who are some adjunct or associate members of your guild? Who is your guild leader and how is leadership determined? How is command and information disseminated?

Areas of Influence: What is your guild’s primary area of influence (e.g., culture, magic, technology, trade, leadership, military strength, civic works, farming, etc.)? What are some things your guild lacks and needs? What are some places or groups that your guild has control of? (The places listed under The Agencies are world-famous entities every Ravnican knows about. What are some smaller or lesser known places or persons of importance your guild influences?) How does your guild leverage its strengths? How does it compensate for its deficits?

Allies and Enemies: Who has what you want? They are likely your best friends, as long as you have something they want too. Who were your enemies that could now be your friends? Who just sucks and can eat your shit?


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