Podzemi Transit

The Agencies

It is unknown whether the Podzemi Transit system was designed and engineered, or whether it is the whole world’s rivers, forced underground and manicured into docility and stillness. These things are lost to time.

These days, the Podzemi Transit system is the largest public transport on Ravnica. With access in almost every neighborhood, it is the most common way to take short trips, head to work, send messages, take a day at the market, or give someone directions. Malaakh trade vessels have right of way in the canals, of course.

The operation of the boats is run entirely by the Wings of Malaakh. While no stations exist so to speak, you can be assured a boat will be along when you need one, and you could always charter one if you’re rich or hurried. Everyone knows these things about traveling with the Malaakh: Passengers are always welcome when possible and a crew would never bring harm to its passengers.

Podzemi Transit is the largest source of news around Ravnica, as passengers often discuss the goings on of the day while riding. While uncommon knowledge, you can be assured that every boat carries the ear of a Liska Zpravy spy or journalist.

Podzemi Transit

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