Mendelyk Armaments

Mendelyk Armaments (MA) was an already established company before the 30 year war, but used those three decades to become the powerful Guild it is today. It’s founded by two sisters: Sarka and Zofie Mendelyk. Sarka’s expertise being in genetics and Zofie’s in espionage. The two of them saw ample opportunities to capitalize on the war: aiding and abetting every warring force in taking each other down. By the end, they had risen to become the sole innovator of armory and weaponry for the world. As the old pre-war weapons became obsolete and outpowered, the Mendelyk sisters inserted their technology into the hands of every fighting Ravnican, cementing their place as the sole proprietor of this trade.

The War
The guild itself did very little fighting initially; instead serving as he main supplier of arms for the other warring guilds. It would indiscriminately fulfill whatever orders were placed and was remarkably successful at doing so. They became known for Each guild naturally wanted weaponry that favored their guild’s fighting style – this exposure to various styles and preferences proved to be incredibly inspiring for MA. They not only developed arms that suit their customers, they in turn gained invaluable information about the strengths and weaknesses of each guild.

Unfortunately, this nonpartisanship could not last. As the war reached its climax towards the end, it became clear to the other guilds that Mendelyk was only profiting from others’ losses. In a brief period of unity, the other guilds secretly orchestrated a joint attack against MA at all five of their main plants. The attacks were across entire manufacturing continents (war was profitable and business was booming). The loss in research and supplies was devastating.

The sisters and the guild as a whole was completely unprepared for this turn of events and learned the hard lesson that it too must take an active role in the war. Subsequently, they did their best to rebuild one of their primary facilities to focus on genetics research. MA then accelerated their own R&D towards creating hybrids to be used as offensive weapons used against the guilds. They chose their targets like they chose their customers: without preference. Every other guild was exposed to the new living weapons that MA created, and the guild was able to exact the counter-attacks they deemed necessary to restore their place of power.

The Aftermath and Peace
The simultaneous attacks on MA destroyed the majority of the advanced research the guild was working on, as well as much of the fabrication warehouses the guild had built around the world. With the exception of the genetics lab, the other manufacturing continents remain in disrepair. This has forced Sarka and Zofie to turn their attention to consolidating their resources and refocusing the Guild’s interests in the world of espionage and true biological and zoological research, rather than just arms manufacturing. But rebuilding takes time and funds, and MA is still very much in the recovery process.

Goals and Beliefs
The Sisters and the other members of the guild ultimately want to restore nature to its rightful place in Ravnica. All of their arms manufacturing and espionage missions are meant to drive the guilds towards destroying each other, until the guild can make its bid for full control of Ravnica. If they can secure their power, then the Guild will be unleashing their ultimate weapon: a biological virus that accelerates the evolutionary process of all living things. The weapon is still in development, so MA is simply biding its time until everything can come together and the virus is complete.

Guild Structure
The guild is run by Sarka and Zofie, but the guild as a whole is made up like a cell network – each cell no larger than 8-10 members. The sisters give out individual orders to the leaders of each cell, but no one outside of each cell knows each others’ identities. This secrecy is reinforced by a requirement that every member of the guild wear a mask enchanted with a voice distortion spell when conducting any guild business. Each mask is also encoded to the wearer for the first time – those who don a mask that is not theirs will be asphyxiated. When a guild member is not involved with guild business, they do everything in their public facing persona.

Mendelyk Armaments

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