Liska Zpravy


Liska Zpravy controls the printing presses of Ravnica, secretly they run the thieves guilds and spy networks, good sources of information and monetary charge. It has in it’s possession the oldest archives and records of Ravnica dating back to the early founding. They are a propaganda news organization that distributes the daily news, reporting on how events effect the citizens of Ravnica while being ‘Fair and Balanced’, focusing on ‘Real Journalism’ and always reminding Ravnica of their motto: ‘We report, you decide’. Liska Zpravy distributes a mass newspaper called the ‘Daily Days’, performs propaganda plays on street corners, runs and operates the Public Library system and traffics in information. Anyone wanting information from Liska Zpravy can get it for the price of a gold, a leak, a scoop or more information on the secret goings on in Ravnica. If it happens, Liska Zpravy’s editor in chief knows about it. Liska Spravy, through the years has filled it’s coffers from it’s information trafficking and it

Early History:

Major Beliefs:

Liska Zpravy members follow these guidelines:
1. Information is always for sale, for a price.
2. Knowledge is power, be aware of your situation at all times.
3. Always trust your gut instinct.
4. The Truth is subjective.
5. Ravnica’s truth MUST be discovered.


Liska Zpravy is broken into three distinct sectors all operating under Central Staff.

Central Staff

The Central staff are the leaders of Liska Zpravy and deal with management of the guild, it’s members and public relations. The guild is lead by the Editor in Chief and the Assistant Editor in Chief, when the Editor in Chief retires or is killed, the Assistant takes his place and appoints a new Assistant. The current Editor in Chief is Gustaf St.Germain, a Djinni and founder of Liska Zpravy. Gustaf was originally the leader of the largest thieves guild in Ravnica: Planoucí liška. He speared the formation of Zpravy by purchasing three guilds initially: The Archivists Guild, The Printing Guild, and the Actors Guild.

The Department of Archival Services.

The smallest department of Liska Zpravy, the D.A.S. operates under the close scrutiny of the Central Staff. Copies of all articles are stored in five central libraries located in the five major Liska Zpravy Guild Houses. In each of these houses operate five primary sections of workers:
Section 1: Librarian Services.
Section 2: Fact Checkers and Correctors.
Section 3: Shelters for Records and Accounting.
Section 4: Information Pricing.
Section 5: Information Security and Destruction.
((Section 6: The Archives of Ravnica))

The Department of Distribution.

Distribution of news is taken on by the largest department of the Liska Zpravy with several sections of the Department of Distribution trading and dealing in information and events.
Section 1: The Department of Redundancy Department
Section 2: The Daily Days
Section 3: The Poster Patrol
Section 4: The Aurora Broadcasting Department
Section 5: Information Distribution Technology
Section 6:

The Department of Information Acquisition.

The D.I.A. is the largest department in Liska Zpravy
Section 1: Reporters
Section 2: Spies
Section 3: Diplomats
Section 6: Assasins


Guild membership is extended to Journalists, Editors, Actors, Researchers, Librarians, Archivists, Psychics, Telepaths, and Changelings, as well as Spies, Informants, Adventurers, Archaeologists, and Paranormal Specialists. Elementals, Fairies, and Morphlings make up a good portion of the Spies and Informants of Liska Zpravy, while Goblins, Vishani, and Humans make up the larger portion of the Journalists, Writers, Researchers and Editors. Librarians and Archivists are generally restricted to Dragon-kin and Djinni or other long lived entities.

The Guild War:
During the guild wars, Liska Zpravy pulled it’s primary pools of resources into protecting five points on the plane, each of it’s guild halls, using it’s knowledge of the other guilds, it sold strategic locations and traded war goods to soldiers for leaks about troop and leader locations. Liska Zpravy was responsible for several major assassinations in the war, and through the use of it’s social networks, rallied the people of Ravnica to join hands with Zpravy to put down those that would bring destruction upon Ravnica.

Areas of Influence:

Ravnica Libraries
Printing Presses
Thieves Guilds

Allies and Enemies:

W/B Svenkhar Bulnica
Liska Zpravy has close relations with the medical practitioners of the Svenkhar Bulnica.

W/R The Ladies Coalition

W/G The Triumvirate of the Confederation of the Labor and Trade Unions of a United Ravnica ???

W/U Wings of Malaakh

U/B University of Veles


B/R Water and Power



Liska Zpravy

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