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The Bitter Kings of Ravnica

The Kings of Calka Dum are a guild of order. It is their just and natural commission to leash the forces of Ravnica, to tame the world so that all life may flourish in orderly array. The say they built the city themselves and ruled it with divine inspiration for many millenia. They absolutely deny the idea that their callous laws and careless administration led to the formation of the other guilds and thus the war.

It is their mandate to regain what they have lost and restore to Ravnica the Law of the City: that the strength of the land is her King and it is the right of the strongest to rule as King. And their are none so strong as the Beasts of Iron, the Zekam Strom Militum, the Kings of Calka Dum.


The Nobility, as the guild members call themselves, believe that strong must rule the weak firmly but with as little interference as possible. As former creators and enforcers of the law, they sought to be fair and scrupulously impartial.

This desire is tempered by their deep faith in the pecking order. It is correct for a Noble to be impartially just to a peasant but there is no need to be friendly or expect anything but humblest subservience. Their lives depend on the Nobility explicitly. All must sacrifice to be a true part of the City but the weak must sacrifice far, far more. This is just. This is true. This is right.

The current oligarchy is a damned abomination in the eyes of the Nobility.


In the past the Kings of Calka Dum were organized by family. Each House had a King or Queen at its head and one house’s King was the High King to whom all must obey. Each House had an area that it supplied both food and law to. Each house distributed these both as it saw fit.

In practice, politicking and intrigue left the High King without much more power than any other King. Kings refused to limit or acknowledge abuses of power of their neighbors because that would be wrong.

Many now believe that this decentralization and inconsistency led to too much tension between the Nobility and the people of Ravnica. The people turned to other factions for protection, empowering them and cracking open the ruling fist of the Nobles.

Right after the war, many of the Kings began draconian reorganization efforts to create a new, more sound order. Of course, this led to more factionalism and inter-guild strife. Two powers remain, the Beasts of Iron and the Zekam Strom Militum each jockeying to be High King.

The Zekam are the “soft” faction. The Houses in charge of farming, architecture and weather magic have rallied to them. It’s their goal to rebuild their power via becoming indispensable to the new Ravnica. Their civic works are already undeniably necessary, they only need people to see their strength to get them to again submit to their rule. Their leader is named Beta Ekos, a stony, even woman who spends more and more of her time at the Calka Dum, a “grove” of thick pillars that reach forever into the sky that some say are petrified trees thousands of years old. She meditates there at the Black Willow at the center of the grove, praying for more power for her people.

The Beasts of Iron are more commanding and far less ready to work within the new Guildpact. The Houses aligned around law giving, spirit binding and ascetic philosophy have mostly sided with this faction. They preach their spiritual order by word and sword. It is the duty of living beings to rule over and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Those who can are more noble than those who cannot. A man named the Vaevictis reigns over them. Their spirit-binding magic is used like enchantment to enhance a warrior by wrapping him in ghostly armor or guiding his arquebus, to bring a gargoyle to life and to grant vicious intelligence to a huge war hound. Some would say it is cruel to use the spirits of Ravnica so, but if they cannot even communicate themselves, what right have they to determine their destiny?

At a Glance

The leadership of the guild is divided, as are its focuses. On the one hand, the average guildmage uses binding magic to control weather, growing wheat in ordered rows on tiered stone-work farms, cold to his inferiors but aware of the interdependence of city life. On the other hand, another average guildmage uses binding magic to order people and spirits to conform to the needs of the whole.

They are bound themselves by their philosophy: The strong must order the weak for the good of all. Might makes right.

Kings of Calka Dum

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