Hurda Fields

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A race of giants used for construction and menial labor. What they lack in intelligence (as Hurda can only speak in low guttural grunts and are not renowned for being able to solve problems without help) they more than make up for it in raw strength. Hurda support themselves entirely on their massive arms, their legs having become vestigial and comically shriveled below their massive frames. The hurda also have an extremely long and thick tail which they use to balance themselves on uneven ground and hang from scaffolding during construction.

During the guild war some of the more aggressive breeds were used as shock-troops, but without proper guidance they often became lost in the sprawling metropolis. Many breeds of hurda exist throughout Ravnica and with reconstruction underway hurda are selling at an all time high.

The Ravnica Water and Power Corporation still controls much of the Hurda trade on Ravnica. Although they are the only major guild operating in this market they are far from holding a monopoly. Many minor guilds fight for influence here and RWP has made little effort to contest them. RWP obviously has greater concerns though they still rely on Hurda ( and their Svenkhar reanimated remains ) for most of the manual labor.

Hurda Fields

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